Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to the Love You Brisbands Blog

Blog author Dario Western with The Veronicas (December 2007)

My name is Dario Western, and I am a Brisbane musician, artist, and songwriter. I set this blog up dedicated to one significant and growing part of my record and music collection: Brisbane bands and artists.

When you ask your average person on the street which bands from Brisbane come to mind, they will usually say Savage Garden or the Bee Gees, or The Veronicas. If they're in Australia they will also mention Powderfinger, Custard, The Saints and The Go-Betweens. If they are a local Brisbane band they will probably tell you band names that will make you go glary eyed and ask "Who the heck are/were they??" In 2007, Brisbane writer Andrew Stafford released the authoritative book "Pig City: From The Saints To Savage Garden" in which he had done exhaustive coverage of the bands that made the music in this city so great.

Well, this is kinda what this blog is about. Though it is also dedicated to grass roots Brisbane acts, some of whom made it commercially, and others who put out only a few records then vanished without trace and consequently had them ending up in pawnshops or car boot sales amongst bric-a-brac. I affectionately refer to them as "Cinderella" music - it's rare but nobody took much notice of it.

So if you want to know more about acts like Silver Studs, Railroad Gin, Wickety Wak, The Leftovers, Burke & Wills, Moscos & Stone, The Mystery Of Sixes, Lavish, Dream Poppies, Animal Boy, GinGer, The Onyas, Pretty Violet Stain, d-Wizz, Squelch, Hot Liquid Sex, Crush 76, Tulipan, Ducks In Formation, That's All and more, then this site is definitely for you.

What you will find on here: Reviews and downloads of hard-to-find and obscure artists whose work is no longer commercially available, artists who have broken the international market, and would-bes.

What you WON'T find on here: Non-Brisbane bands who are from surrounding areas like Gold Coast, Toowoomba, or the Sunshine Coast, bootleg albums, and anything that the bands mentioned have never approved for the public to hear.

Welcome To My New Blog

Hot Liquid Sex (left to right: Angela Kohler, Ocean Wilson, Ruth Nitkiewicz, and Nicole Hoaran)

Me with The Veronicas (December 2007 for the "Hook Me Up" album and single launch)

Hi, my name is Dario Western, and I am a local Brisbane musician and artist.

Part of my music collection is dedicated to collecting music by hard to find and obscure Brisbane bands from the past till today in the hope that some punters out there will take an interest in the music that has been coming out of this city from the 50's till today.

In 2007, Brisbane writer Andrew Stafford came up with a very authoritative book called "Pig City: From The Saints To Savage Garden" in which he has done exhaustive research on bands that made this city great, and brought awareness of it to the rest of Australia and eventually the world. For international readers, there is more to Brisbane music than the Bee Gees, Savage Garden, The Saints, Powderfinger, The Veronicas and The Butterfly Effect. This blog touches on the bands who have had cult followings or only released a few obscure records and never being heard of again. So if you've never heard of the likes of Railroad Gin, That's All, Squelch, Dream Poppies, The Hekawis, Silver Studs, Chicks Incorporated, Crush 76, Lavish, Hot Liquid Sex, GinGer, Rhubarb, or Moscos & Stone then this is the site for you.

You can find downloads or samples of the music on here as most of the stuff is no longer commercially available.

What you will find on here: Obscure gems, and "Cinderella" records (i.e. they are hard to find but not many people really cared about them), music on the Sunshine, Kommotion, Sundown, Oracle, and Modern Music labels - all of which have got a precious catalogue of unsung gems. Also some clips that I have made of local artists that I am friends with. Since I am not a musical snob, you will find some posts to do with Savage Garden to the Saints as I like both those acts.


What you *WON'T* find on here: Anything by Operator Please since they are not from Brisbane but the Gold Coast, Teal (a band that previously featured Lisa and Jessica Origliasso from The Veronicas), any bands from Toowoomba or the Sunshine Coast since they are not technically a part of Brisbane, downloads of albums by acts which you can easily pick up from iTunes or even better buy from your local HMV or Sanity music store, links to YouTube videos by bands signed to Warner Music since they refuse to allow their music to be broadcast on there. Bootleg albums of live concerts will not be promoted on here, unless the bands give me consent to put them up.