Monday, January 30, 2017

Some Jerks - "Strange Ways"

Artist: Some Jerks
Genres: 60's surf pop, 90's indie girl rock
Label: Twelveyes Records
Catalog Number: 07930-52118334
Producer: Donovan Miller
Overdubs & Mixing: Darek Mudge
Mastering: Bryce Moorhead


Victoria Watson: Vocals and Bass Guitar
Will O'Brien: Vocals and Guitar
Simon Walker: Drums

Taking a couple of years in the making, Some Jerks are one of Brisbane's hippest rising bands.  Led by photogenic and inveterate rock'n'roll chanteuse Victoria Watson (formerly of The Genies, The Aampirellas, The Fondells and Kewpie Doll) and guitarist Will O'Brien with Watson's husband Simon Walker on drums, this is a truly delightful album drenched every much in 60's surf pop mixed in with a bit of Merseybeat sounds as well as nods to 90's girl acts like The Breeders and fellow Brisbane 90's girl-orientated act Dream Poppies.

Opening up with the jaunty alternative fuzz rock vibe of "Napoleon", the track rattles on at a tremendous speed with Watson's urgent vocals and O'Brien's harmonies.  "The Hunter" was one of my favourite songs and videos from 2016 which opens with Watson's chugging bass and some cool twangy guitar stabs before it goes into an early 60's rock'n'roll inspired track.

The album's title track continues in the 60's R&R genre with a haunting guitar riff and equally spine-chilling lyrics and a rousing chorus mixed in with some divine angelic backing vocals that closes the track similar to fellow Brisbane band Violent Soho's "Fur Eyes".

Slayer's "Raining Blood" gets a look-in on here given the SJ treatment as an instrumental and showcases the band's stylish musical badge-wearing together with their tight professionalism as a band.  You can just picture the surfers and skater boys and girls going right off to this track out on the waterfronts.

"Rabbit Hand" is the shortest track on the album, lasting only 40 seconds but is highly enjoyable with it's mosh-pit vibe along with "18 Years".

The closer track "Dreaming" is a cover of a Blondie song from their fourth album "Eat To The Beat". Some Jerks do the track proud by giving it a more 60's vibe than the New Wave one that the original version had.

Definitely go out and get a copy of this album regardless of what musical genre you belong to.  It brings a welcome smile back to the indie rock music scene and is the perfect modern rock'n'roll album you can listen to without getting distracted from your other musical appetites.