Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Veronicas - "In My Blood"

After their previous single "Cruel" just bubbled under the Australian Top 50 last year, The Veronicas have surprised their fans and critics by posing nude covered in body paint and glitter for the teaser video for this single as a means of embracing their bodies and sexuality, as well as fighting back against the trolls on Twitter and their Facebook fan page who have teased and bullied them over their weight and body shape.

Fans of 90's house music, especially that of Urban Cookie Collective and Kylie Minogue will take to this one easily.  Good pulsating beats, jiggly keyboard riffs and lyrics telling the story of how Jess met the current love of her life.

For someone who was young in the 1990s, this song is a grower for me.  Unlike many of the pop/dance music in the top 40 charts, The Veronicas don't need auto-tune or other technical wizardry to pull of great songs.  They could do this as an acoustic guitar only number and it'll still sound good.

Definitely worth a number of listens.