Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WAAX - "I For An Eye"

Marie DeVita: Lead Vocals
Ewan: Guitar and backing vocals
Griff: Bass and backing vocals
Chris: Guitar and backing vocals
Tom: Drums

WAAX have been around for a couple of years now, but are fast establishing themselves as one of Brisbane's most exciting indie heavy rock/punk bands out there. Known for their formidable frontwoman Marie DeVita's hyperactive stage presence they look set for major things with their second release. Opening with Marie's banshee-like hollering "I'm just a girl! I'm just a girl!" before the rest of the track kicks in, this song grabs you by the head and smashes it into the floorboards with the same ferocity that Marie smashes a couple of mirrors in the striking video clip to go with it. The song is a polemic on the superficiality of female relationships and competitiveness.

It has been No.1 on 4ZZZ's charts and also got considerable attention from Triple J as well. In all, the song races along like a Japanese bullet train with plenty of guitars and machine gun drumming. This is one band from Brisbane that when you see them once you're hooked even badder than an ice addict.