Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Purple Hearts - Louie Louie (1965)

Soundtrack Recordings - The Soundtrack label was the first Brisbane independent music label to be established in the 1960s. Operating out of a disused bakery at 20 Moncrief Road in Cannon Hill, it only had two officially known releases, one by Bobby Dean & The Worried Minds and the other by a doctor who made a "New Age" record to do with relaxation and meditation exercises. The Purple Hearts were Brisbane's premier R&B band of the 60's, led by ex-patriate Englishman Mick Hadley. They were known for their very tough, raw and primitive sound coupled with Hadley's boorish vocal style. They never officially released any records on Soundtrack, the four tracks they cut were released as acetates. The tracks found their way into the hands of one of my music fan friends Andrew Ainsworth, who has published the fanzines Ain't Got No Feeling, and Primitif Sounds. This is a great cover of Richard Berry's "Louie Louie", which is now available to listen to on YouTube at:

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