Monday, July 28, 2014

Streamer Bendy EP

Label: Independent
Distributor: Self-distributed
Release Year: 2009
Catalogue Number: 09492222854-3 (CD)
Producers: Andrew Markwell & Streamer Bendy
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Streamer Bendy were formed by Matt Newton and former Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan's daughter Erinn in 2008 following the breakup of Erinn's previous band Nina May. Friends with The Veronicas (Jessica Origliasso took the band's photo for the EP), Streamer Bendy sound like they dug through their parents record collections and partied with their Blondie, Beatles and Transvision Vamp albums. Opening up with the attitude ridden "Boy Oh Boy" with its staccato guitar and drum fills, it goes into the glam rock-ish "Trophy Girl" which gives the finger to boys who think that sex with a girls is an entitlement to brag about to their mats. "Minnesota" has a Veronicas-ish vibe to it, whilst the ballad "I'm In Deep" about recovering from a hangover sounds like one of the songs from The Beatles "Abbey Road" album. It quickly picks up again with "Sweet Treat". Erinn's vocals drip with sex, energy and attitude and you can't help but feel excited and refreshed upon hearing their music.
Whilst the EP got rave reviews on Triple J, it did not catch on with commercial radio stations despite the songs being laden with good singalong choruses and great guitar hooks.
In 2013, Streamer Bendy decided to change their name to The Hangout, but not too much has been heard of them since.


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