Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lavish - "Polaroid"


Artist: Lavish
Label: Festival Records
Cat No: D 32107
Year Of Release: 1999
Produced by: Jeff Lovejoy & Clint Mansell
Personnel: Nathan Thomas (Vocals), Luke Thomas (Bass), Gary Beavis (Guitar and Vocals), Nigel Lacey (Guitar), Jeff Lovejoy (Guitar), Justin Nelson (Drums), Glen Gibson (Drums)

Running Order:

1) Careless
2) She Said
3) Trashed
4) A Big Surprise
5) Parasite
6) Automatic
7) Wear Me Down
8) Get It Together
9) Tokyo
10) The Beats
11) Homosapien
12) Gone
13) Good For Me
14) Jimi (I Wish I Could Be You)

Genre: Electronic, Rock, Alternative, Dance

Lavish were a Brisbane band active from 1994 - 2000. Formed on the Gold Coast by guitarists Gary Beavis & Nigel Lacey, vocalist Richard, drummer Michelle Wilson and bassist Matt Boulton. Eventually moved to Brisbane in 1996 where brothers Nathan and Luke Thomas took over on vocals and bass. The album was preceded by three singles "Trashed", "Good For Me" and "Homosapien", none of which made the top 40 despite the positive media reviews they got including the striking videos for "Trashed" and "Homosapien" and eventually "She Said" which was the last single taken from the album. They were dropped by Festival in 2000 due to poor marketing and mainstream interest in the band flagging. This is a great album which draws from a range of heavy rock, British rock and pop, electronica, and even some Adult orientated rock numbers like "Wear Me Down" and "Automatic". "Trashed" and "Homosapien" are both frantic rockers, the latter a more aggressive guitar orientated cover of the Pete Shelley 1981 song which made the Australian top 10, even though the Buzzcocks never had any Australian commercial success. Album was produced by Jeff Lovejoy and Pop Will Eat Itself frontman Clint Mansell.

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  1. just heard lavish cover and they do a tight version but it's not as energetic or as emotional as the original.
    average brisbane band with average but i've heard worse (regurgitator,savage garden,)and for some reason they've been successful.
    pwei had great songs including the one about italian porn star ciccolinia.