Thursday, July 2, 2009


Artist: Hot Liquid Sex
Label: Mucho Bravado
Cat No: 63447-979690
Year Of Release: 2008
Produced by: Ben Stewart at Ultrasonique Studios and Massive Studios
Personnel: Ocean Wilson (Guitar, Glockenspeil and Vocals)
Ruth Nitkiewicz (Bass and Vocals)
Angela Kohler (Drums)
Ben Preece (cowbell and handclaps on "Trousersnake")
Ben Stewart (egg shaker on "Emergency")
Lucas Arundell (guitars on "Fortune Cookie", "Emergency!", and "Trousersnake",
Fender Rhodes piano on "Fortune Cookie" and "Trousersnake")
Hot Liquid Sex were a female power pop trio who were active from 2005 - 2008. The act was led by Ocean Wilson who wrote all the songs on this EP with the exception of "Trousersnake" which was co-written by James O'Brien (bassist from The Boat People), and originally had Natalie Rapoto on bass who left in 2007 to live in Japan and was eventually replaced by Ruth Nitkiewicz. Drummer Angela Kohler enjoyed some modest recognition by being the drummer in the video "Like Only A Woman Can" by Brian MacFadden.
Track listing:
1) Wherearewewherearewearewethereyeah?
2) Fortune Cookie
3) Emergency!
4) Trousersnake
5) My Vanity
This is a bright and upbeat EP which fuses instantly catchy and snappy guitar pop with strident rock chick vocals from Ocean and focusing on off-the-wall subjects such as everybody's favourite Chinese biscuits (echoing Regurgitator's "Kong Foo Sing" - they used to put a box of fortune cookies at the front of their stage as a pre-rider snack which a few mischievous audience members would help themselves to!), metrosexuals in the song "Trousersnake" and unrequited love in "You Ain't Mine". The band split up after a Melbourne tour in late 2008 after artistic and aesthetic differences with Wilson started to make headway. Angela Kohler now works alongside manager and publicist Ben Preece with his company Mucho Bravado, whilst Wilson has taken up university studies. The only downside is that this EP does not contain my favourite song of theirs "Nude Twister", and their excellent cover of "Stray Cat Strut".

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