Friday, March 10, 2017

Blues Arcadia - Self Titled (Independent)


Alan Boyle - Vocals
Jeremy Klysz - Bass
Chris Harvey - Guitar
Parmis Rose - Keyboards
Steve Robin - Drums

Additional musicians:
Brad Esbensen - Trumpet
Shaun Ballagh - Tenor Saxophone
Joseph Roberts - Baritone Saxophone

Produced, engineered, mastered and mixed by: Mike Wild


Blues Arcadia is a relatively new Brisbane band, but it is quickly establishing itself as a favourite on the live music scene, particularly at the Royal Mail Hotel in Goodna.

Led by charismatic and photogenic Irish singer Alan Boyle, this is a fresh and upbeat CD which contains some good soulful and playing from each and every player on here.  Showcasing guitarist Chris Harvey's twangy guitar riffs and keyboard player Parmis Rose's boogie runs, the album is sure to get people on the dancefloor.

Standout tracks are the ballad "Here Comes The Rain", the 70's funk inspired "Operator Please", the brass led "Miss Lonely" and the closing cut "Rockin' Chair" which sounds like The Beatles "Day Tripper" with it's beat and brass build-up towards the chorus.

Definitely looking forward to future releases from these guys, they deserve to be signed up.


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