Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Down And Out - Track previews

Recorded: March - June 1966
Personnel: Tim West - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
                  Stuart West - Bass
                  Graham Vincent - Lead Guitar
                  John Jurss - Drums

Some more recordings from The Down And Out have resurfaced recently.  John Jurss had arranged to have them recorded with 4BC at their studio in Wharf Street during March to June 1966.

The tracks were: "One Day", "Down Man" and "It Ain't Right".  The production and musicianship is pretty tight but with a good rawness and energy to it.  "One Day" has 60's punk elements to it, whilst "Down Man" features some close-knit harmonies to it and some stops and starts to it similar to "Rain" by The Beatles.  "It Ain't Right" has a fast, aggressive guitar riff which runs right through the song and half-talked, half-sung vocals with some good harmonies in the chorus and a guitar solo reminiscent of Dave Davies' playing.

These tracks will be available online shortly.

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